Designing effective current account prompts

The FCA has now published the report of qualitative research we conducted to support its development of prompts and alerts designed to increase personal current account customers’ engagement with their usage, including costs they may incur.

The overall aim of this qualitative foundation research was to act as a filter for a long list of prompt and alert ideas that the FCA had developed so that these could be reduced and refined ahead of the subsequent stages of research and field trials.

The FCA has published our research alongside a related consultation paper on new proposals designed to protect people who are heavy users of overdrafts and high-cost credit.

Client Feedback
We are delighted to have received the following feedback on this work: “Monique and Collaborate Research were brilliant. We had commissioned this research to explore reactions to a series of prompts and alerts designed to increase engagement with personal current accounts. We wanted to sense check the ideas and whittle them down, before putting them into an online experiment and, ultimately, a field trial to understand what works. Monique really understood what we needed – the research outputs were tailored for exactly the decisions we wanted to make off the back of it. The research was delivered on time and was of extremely high quality. I highly recommend Monique and Collaborate Research.”
Alex Chesterfield,Technical Specialist, Behavioural Economics and Data Sciences Unit