Major study on consumer attitudes to air travel

The Civil Aviation Authority has today published the report of the comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research we conducted for them late last year. This was undertaken to :

  • provide insights on the aviation-related behaviours, needs and concerns of consumers, including infrequent flyers and vulnerable groups;
  • identify areas where provision of new or additional information could help consumers; and
  • explore the under-researched area of attitudes towards air travel safety and security.

We also produced a segmentation of recent flyers based on their attitudes and behaviour with respect to air travel.

Client feedback
“We worked closely with Collaborate Research on a wide-ranging consumer research project that provided insights on how people make air travel decisions and their attitudes towards various aspects of aviation. Given the challenging and diverse research brief, we were impressed by the agency’s rapid understanding of the objectives of the work, and the high level of professionalism demonstrated. Their flexible and responsive approach ensured the timetable was met and a comprehensive and well-written report delivered, which will support the CAA in its strategic planning.”
Civil Aviation Authority