London airport users’ views on journey disruption

Collaborate Research recently completed a qualitative research project for the Civil Aviation Authority on consumers’ views on day-to-day journey disruption (i.e. caused by runway and airport congestion, rather than related to significant adverse events).

The research programme comprised of:

  • A series of focus groups with a cross-section of local (London/South East-based) recent users of the four London airports.
  • Additional depth interviews with more hard-to-reach groups who recently used Heathrow Airport. These included passengers with restricted mobility, international connecting passengers, domestic connecting passengers and foreign resident passengers.

A ‘deliberative-style’ approach was taken in the research. This involved exposing participants to some facts on journey disruption, as well as ideas for reducing or managing disruption and the associated trade-offs, for their consideration. This material was introduced once an initial unprompted discussion of perceptions and expectations had already taken place so it would be possible to compare spontaneously held views with those that developed in response to the information provided.

The report of this research has now been published and is available here. The findings will be used to help the CAA develop evidence-based policies which reflect consumer views, and is intended to inform a further dialogue with the aviation industry on how to improve airport resilience.

Client feedback
“We are very pleased with the quality of Collaborate’s research. It was clear from the start that the Collaborate team had an in-depth understanding of our requirements and the issues we wanted the research to explore from a consumer perspective. We were also impressed with Monique and her team’s professionalism and project management skills in delivering the research. We found they consistently went the extra mile in providing helpful advice on how to meet our objectives and kept us fully informed on how the fieldwork and report was progressing. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Collaborate and we are very pleased with the report which will be used to inform further policy development and industry dialogue.”
Consumers and Markets Group, CAA