Informing the GOC’s education strategic review

The General Optical Council (GOC) is currently undertaking an Education Review now to make sure that, as the optical sector evolves, it continues to protect the public by ensuring that the accreditation, quality assurance and standards of education of optical professionals in the UK continues to be fit for purpose. Collaborate Research has now supported the GOC on a number of assignments to inform this review:

  • We produced an independent analysis report of the responses to its initial call for evidence which included 17 wide-ranging questions about the future of eye care delivery and the implications of these changes for the education of optical professions.
  • We conducted a wide-ranging literature review, as well as selected stakeholder interviews, to explore patterns and trends in initial (pre-registration) health professional education. The remit of the work spanned optical education in a number of international jurisdictions as well as education of other health professions within the UK. The final report was published by the GOC.
  • Most recently, we analysed responses to the GOC’s consultation on a number of concepts and principles that could underpin optical education and training in the future.