Consumers’ needs from everyday finances

For the past several months, we have been working with Which? to better understand everyday banking and payment services from the consumer perspective.

We co-designed and managed a large-scale programme of qualitative and deliberative research involving almost 120 people around Britain. The aims of this foundational study were to find out what consumers need from their day-to-day banking and spending, how they feel about changes already taking place in the banking and payment markets (such as greater digitisation), and their reactions to some scenarios presented on what the future may hold.

Which? has has now published the findings from this research, including our research report and a video of one of our events. 

Client Feedback
“Our partnership with Collaborate elevated our understanding of UK consumers. Collaborate facilitated our full participation in and observation of research sessions, embedding our team within the research process. This joined-up approach afforded us unique insight into the everyday financial worlds of consumers. The way in which Collaborate worked with us throughout the process helped ensure that research findings were on point. The thorough way in which the research was undertaken meant that the report reflected the full range of consumer views and provided invaluable insight for our key stakeholders.”
Anna Cordes, Senior Policy Researcher, and Justin Protts, Senior Policy Partner at Which?