Future consumer protection for the smart energy sector

Smart energy products and services have the power to reduce emissions, keep people’s homes warm and save them money on bills, by helping the grid to run more efficiently. However, in what is still a nascent market, there is a risk that consumers may not fully understand what they are buying, how their data will be used and shared, or who is responsible for addressing any problems they may have.

Collaborate Research was asked to support Citizens Advice’s latest work in this area by interviewing representatives from smart energy companies as well as some other relevant stakeholders.  The aim was to understand more about smart energy companies and the context in which they operate. We asked stakeholders what they feel is needed both to support industry innovation and ensure consumers can have confidence in this market as it develops.

Citizens Advice has now published a report which combines insights from our research with a number of other evidence strands.  This report identifies some key consumer outcomes that Citizens Advice believes that government should prioritise and a range of regulatory provisions that they feel could achieve these outcomes.

A link to our full research report is also included in this document.