How people’s relationship with place has been affected by the pandemic

Collaborate’s founder, Monique, is delighted to have supported Demos on their new large scale research project on people’s relationship with the place where they live. The first report from this work is on how people’s priorities for their place have been affected by the pandemic. One of the key findings is that people who have […]

Workloads and wellbeing in the money advice sector

The pandemic has created an unprecedented rise in demand for free debt advice. Given this, it has never been more important to assess the working conditions of advisers as this has a direct bearing on the service that it possible to provide people experiencing financial problems. We were asked by the Institute of Money Advisers […]

Taking the temperature: consumer choice and low carbon heating

Our latest research for Citizens Advice  was on the unprecedented challenge of achieving near-complete decarbonisation of homes in to meet the UK’s target of net-zero emissions by 2050. We explored both how consumers make choices about their heating systems now, and their expectations of what choices will be available to them in the future transition to […]

Getting through to business

The report of our research with microbusinesses (businesses with fewer than 10 employees and low energy usage) has now been published by Citizens Advice. The research was undertaken to understand the challenges these smallest businesses face in understanding the energy market and engaging with their suppliers.  It also looked at ways energy suppliers could communicate […]

Consumers’ needs from everyday finances

For the past several months, we have been working with Which? to better understand everyday banking and payment services from the consumer perspective. We co-designed and managed a large-scale programme of qualitative and deliberative research involving almost 120 people around Britain. The aims of this foundational study were to find out what consumers need from […]

Experiences of vulnerable consumers in energy arrears

We have recently been exploring the experiences of consumers in vulnerable circumstances who fall behind on their energy bills. We conducted a series of qualitative depth interviews across Britain with consumers in a range of different vulnerable circumstances, all of whom were in energy arrears.  The sample was hard-to-reach and required a number of strategies […]

How microbusinesses engage with the energy market

We are delighted to have worked with Ofgem again, this time on qualitative research with microbusinesses (businesses with fewer than 10 employees).  The aims of the research were to: understand how microbusinesses search for and choose energy deals, and what promotes or impedes this process; and explore how well the CMA’s Price Transparency Remedy (which […]

Older people’s experiences of social care in the home

Which? has today published the report of our qualitative research on how older people interact with the social care system and market. This research looked in depth at the experiences of 29 consumers of social care in the home.  The report can be found here. The findings provide further evidence to support Which?’s policy report Beyond social […]

Collaborate Research is an approved Government research supplier

Collaborate Research recently went through a comprehensive selection process and is delighted to have been been approved as a potential supplier of research services to Government and public sector bodies via the new Crown Commercial Service Dynamic Research Marketplace.

Designing effective current account prompts

The FCA has now published the report of qualitative research we conducted to support its development of prompts and alerts designed to increase personal current account customers’ engagement with their usage, including costs they may incur. The overall aim of this qualitative foundation research was to act as a filter for a long list of […]