Case Study :

Experiences of vulnerable consumers in energy arrears

The Project

Understanding vulnerable consumers who are in energy arrears

Our Approach

We were commissioned by Citizens Advice to conduct a series of in-depth interviews to explore the experiences and support needs of vulnerable consumers who are behind in their energy bills.   The sample represented a range of different types of vulnerability including physical disabilities, long-term health conditions, mental health problems, caring responsibilities, severe financial hardship, as well as the experience of more transient and potentially hidden forms of vulnerability such as the experience of a life shock. We used a number of specific strategies to identify eligible people and overcome the barriers to their participation.  We looked at their circumstances broadly to understand their support needs and what could help overcome the barriers to engagement with suppliers and other organisations. The full published report can be found here. We also produced an infographic to provide a visual summary of the research.

Client Feedback

“We’ve had a really great experience working with Collaborate. Monique and Katie were very responsive, thorough and organised throughout the project. They had a strong understanding and genuine interest in our objectives for the research, which was carried out and reported to a high standard. We were particularly impressed with the clear and well-designed infographic. They gave excellent presentations on the research to staff in our office and were very professional, knowledge and personable throughout these, answering questions and engaging in discussions about the findings. We’re really pleased with the outputs which will be important for our influencing work.”
Alexander Belsham-Harris, Principal Policy Manager at Citizens Advice